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Upatras Open Workshop on Information Literacy

The University of Patras’ Library & Information Services (LIS) organizes and invites all interested to participate in the Open Workshop on Information Literacy.

The Open Workshop on Information Literacy http://openworkshop.pbworks.com is an innovative blended learning course combining attendance-based learning with synchronous and asynchronous e-learning.

More specific, the workshop consists of

  • weekly 1-hour sessions in the 3d Virtual Immersive Environment of Second Life and
  • collaborative work in the course’s wiki

The term “workshop” reflects the emphasis on action-based learning, thus the construction of new knowledge and competences through collaborative and individual activities.

The Open Workshop on Information Literacy is designed to address the needs of graduate and PhD students of the University of Patras.
The general learning objectives of the Open Workshop on Information Literacy include:

  • the understanding of the dimensions and the importance of Information Literacy) for academic and professional career,
  • the competence to seek, modify, organize, assess and synthesize effectively useful information for learning and research, and
  • the mastery of effective life-long learning skills

The full description of the program is available (in Greek) in the course’s resources:

If you’re interested, please complete the registration form.

The hashtag of the workshop is #owilupatras

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